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Custom technical apparel should be easy, affordable to order, and exciting to wear!

Why choose Verge Sport?

  • Verge Sport has a long #heritage, since 1999, creating custom garments for nearly two decades.
  • Inspired and #bornfromathletes by the real-life needs of a professional cyclist.
  • Offering a huge range of Sport Specific Collections for Cycling, Cyclocross, Track, Triathlon, Running, Nordic, Casual, and Dirt apparel.
    • Not only Men's but vast array of Women's Specific items and a wide range of Kid's offerings.
  • Our goal is provide our customers with #ServiceExcellence, the best ordering experience possible, from start to finish.
    • Dedicated, experienced staff are your full-service partner for all aspects from the front facing Customer Service Specialist (CSS), Artists, Cutting and Sewing staff are focused on creating your Order in the most efficient manner possible. 
  • With our own production facilities located in Central Europe, Verge Sport has the technical experience for podium-winning World Tour Teams and weekend clubs alike. 
    • Large enough to own the very best equipment, yet small enough for the personal service and advice necessary for the best custom garments.
    • Unmatched committement to garment quality offering the latest Technologies and featuring European Fabrics & Materials.
  • Verge Sport offers industry leading turnaround times with a yearly avergage of 3 weeks on Booked Orders.
  • Verge Order System (VOS), our own proprietary platform, offering all all aspects of B2B and B2C.
    • SHOP - Online Client Portal offering Team Store Ordering, build your own Quote, Reorders, live Order tracking, secure payments and more!
  •  In house Art Department working to achieve your ideas!
    • Whether you are an experienced designer with print ready art files or a weekend coach with better ideas than design skills, our Art Department can make your vision a reality.
  • Globaly based reach and experience with offices located in North America, Europe and Asia.

Browse through our wesbite, look over all the products and start to develop a selection of products in which you are interested.

However, if you need assitance deciding products, styles and have any other questions, please give us a call at 845-562-2500 and our of our CSS (Customer Service Specialists) will be delighted to assist you with any and all questions regarding Verge Sport products, process and service.

Get Started, our online form and best method, with Verge Sport and order the custom clothing you've always wanted.


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  • Minimums
  • Timeline
  • Shipping
  • Design


Verge Sport's industry leading digital production and state of the art technology in production allow us to offer generously low minimums for custom sublimated orders. 

We call this 1(MOQ5)x25, which is pronounced one by five by twenty five, and the details are outlined below.

After reviewing, we are sure you will agree.

At Verge America, we just have "Orders."

Custom sublimation orders or reorders are the treated the same at 5 total pieces!

You can combine sizes and items across all collections.

1(MOQ5)x25 - Minimums for Sublimated Garments

  • 1 each of any sublimated garment
  • 5 total pieces
  • 25 Discounts start at 25 total pieces


  • 1 TOR+ Short Sleeve Jersey, 1 TOR+ Bib Short, 1 Carrera TOR+ Speedsuit, 1 Peak Combo Jacket, 1 Flight Vest = 5 total pieces
  • 2 STRIKE+ Shorts Sleeve Jerseys, 1 STRIKE+ Zima Jersey, 2 STRIKE + Bib Shorts = 5 total pieces
  • 2 Definitive Cyclocross Short Sleeve Speedsuit, 1 Definitive Long Sleeve Speedsuit, 1 Cyclocross Warm-up Pants, 1 Cyclocross Shild Jacket = 5 total pieces


  • 50 pair of our knit socks


Verge Sport provides one of the fastest turnaround times in the industry.  Our custom garment production time varies throughout the year, but we strive to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. We understand the needs of race teams and retail customers, and will always work with you to best accommodate your scheduling needs. 


New Orders

We recommend that customers budget 3-6 weeks* to complete the entire custom production process, from reservation to garment shipment, with actual production normally requiring 3 weeks to complete. We recommend that custom orders are reserved as soon as possible as production space can fill quickly and delay manufacture.


The process involves:
  • Contact
  • Ordering
  • Deposit & Payment
  • Samples & Sizing Kits
  • Artwork & Approvals
  • Production
  • Shipping time

 *Quoted turnaround times are based on a production queue that can accommodate your requested ship date.  Please contact a customer support representative at your local dealer to inquire about current production availability.

Verge Sport can provide faster service on re-orders from the current year's collection with turnaround times of three weeks or less in may cases. As the artwork is on file and approved, this allows us to place designs straight into production.


  • 3 Weeks or less - Average turnaround times
  • Requires same artwork and approved digital proofs
  • Only available on current year's collection products


Verge America Ltd. has partnered with UPS to provide service for your order.

Shipment Overview:
  • Air frieght pallete by UPS Trade Direct  from our own European Production Facilities with weekly shipments on Friday
  • JFK Customs & Duties clearance center normally on Wednesday or Thursday the following week
  • UPS Ground with tracking number provided at this point!
  • Signature required for increased safety
Expense and transit time* can vary greatly with order size and destination and below are examples from custom clearance:
*Customs & Duties clearance and carrier delays may effect delivery dates and beyond Verge America Ltd. control.
Please contact a customer support representative at your local dealer to inquire about options, methods and estimate costs of shipments.


The Verge Sport Creative Department has the design skill and production experience to help you realize your vision. Our artists can work with your ideas to bring a completely new design to life, modify pre-existing designs for today's needs, or work with your in-house designer to ensure smooth and accurate production. We want you to receive the custom clothing you've imagined, and will work with you and your team to bring the best possible design to life.

Verge Sport uses state of the art digital production making it possible to using an unlimited number of colors in a given design, without prohibitive set-up, screen, or film charges. Our pricing is all-inclusive, and our clothing designs are limited only by your imagination.



We want you to receive the design you've been looking for, and our Creative Department is here to streamline the process. Experienced and amateur designers alike can download our 2D design templates to sketch out and visualize ideas, and we can provide the production guidance as needed to create your custom clothing.


If you are not sure where to start we have many design concepts available for inspiration. Customers are welcome to use our designs as-is or combine elements from multiple designs to build their very own.

Example Concepts:

If you are not sure where to start we have many design concepts available for inspiration.

Customers are welcome to use our designs as-is or combine elements from multi designs to build their very own.                                          Example Concepts

Verge Sport recommends choosing your colors from the Verge Sport Color Palette of 63 colors that can be consistently reproduced on the variety of fabrics we offer. Colors shown on your monitor are at best a representation of the actual garment color — color swatches printed on technical fabric are available upon request, and included with sizing samples.


Choosing your colors from the Verge Sport Color Palette will ensure the best reproducible results, but we understand that sponsorship logos or previous art may require colors outside of our standard palette. Our Creative Department can match logo colors using precise PMS (Pantone Matching System) numbers, or through a digital color meter reading of your actual garment.

2D templates are available for every custom garment on the downloads section of the product page. Please use them as a design and layout aid, with the understanding that our Creative Department may need to modify your design prior to final production. Our manufacturing process requires a strict alignment and setup process — designs created using the 2D templates may need adjustment for the best final garment.

Production ready vector art based on our 2D design templates is ideal for color accuracy and edge fidelity, most commonly in Adobe Illustrator file format. Other formats may require conversion.

Large bitmap files (JPEG, TIFF, Photoshop, etc) often require special handling — please contact our Creative Department before creating your design. Files must be a minimum of 150 dpi, and potentially as large as 30"x40" to cover the front or rear of a jersey. Images and logos taken from the internet are generally of very low resolution and saved as screen rather than print quality, and are not suitable for custom clothing orders. Please contact your sponsor for print quality, vector art logos for the best production quality. Verge Sport has a large font library available and many industry logos on file — contact our Creative Department for assistance with any part of your design.

Proofing :
Our Digital Flat Panel Proofing System will ensure your design is produced correctly. Once we receive your design concepts or completed 2D templates we will produce digital proofs for your  approval.

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