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  • Custom orders cannot be exchanged for an alternate size
  • Product specfic size charts can be found in the sizing tab below and each product page
  • We strongly suggest that if you've not ordered from Verge Sport is the past that you review the sizing chart of jerseys, jackets, shorts and other garments in order to ensure the perfect fit
  • Speedsuits should be based on lower body measurements for most customers


Verge Sport Cuts

We offer an extensive range of product cuts, also known as pattern sizing/options, to include:

  • Aero = Performance cut that fits like a Speedsuit top. Very tight fitting for aero effect for the most extreme fitness athlete.
  • Fitted = Race cut that fits snug from top to bottom for fit athletes.
  • Relaxed = Relaxed fitting option with expanded lower section while maintaining a performance feel.
  • Comfort = Comfort is loose fitting while providing our most comfortable and largest cut option.
  • Bottoms = Lower items have one cut, Bottom, which fits skin tight due to the nature of the fabrics.
  • Speedsuit = Very tight fitting for aero effect for the most extreme fitness athlete.
  • Accessories = Fitted options to enhance your efforts
  • Nordic = Unisex sizing in top and bottom with focus on performance
  • Kids = Specific pattern designs to fit younger athletes
  • Event = Availlable in 3 cuts, Fitted, Relaxed and Comfort that are slightly differnet than our BOLD colleciton patterns.
  • Base Layer = Unisex sizing with fitted performance

For 2016-17 BOLD colleciton, we changed the name of our product cuts from our previous years naming, below is a reference chart:

  • BOLD Fitted = Race
  • BOLD Relaxed = Sport
  • BOLD Comfort = Club

Below is a sizing chart for download

  • Aero Cut
  • Fitted Cut
  • Relaxed Cut
  • Comfort Cut
  • Bottoms
  • Speedsuits
  • Accessories
  • Nordic
  • Kids
  • Event
  • Base Layer
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