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Meet the Team - Verge America

David Sommerville

Director Verge America

Director of Technology Verge Global

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"Retired" in 2012 after 26th season, having pinned race number on over 1800 times, which is 5+ consecutive YEARS of daily racing! Cranked out more than 200,00 miles with fair share of victories, defeats, getting dropped, hundreds of flats, spills & mishaps, and spent thousands of hours on the bike. 

Everyday Bike: Fuji Transonic SL and Cyfac Spirit (my actual bike on this site)

  • Other bikes: 1992 custom Cherry Bomb, Breezer Belt Drive and a few other gems
  • Components: Shimano Ultegra 11 Speed with Stages Power
  • Wheels: HED Jet 60
  • Favorite Ride or Race: Qinqhai Lake Region, Tour of South China Seas or maybe Vuelta Zuella
  • Favorite Clothing: TOR+ woven bib shorts by Verge Sport
  • Muffin or Pastry: White bread with butter and honey
  • Liquid: Strong Coffee, cream no sugar
  • You can find me riding: In the Gutter

David Vollbach

Customer Service Specialist

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Dave Vollbach  has been cycling for as long as he can remember, from sweet ramps in the driveway, to mountain bike racing in high school, to road racing and crits through college and grad school; he’s rarely not on or around a bike. Dave came on board spring 2017 after starting his career working in then managing one of Manhattan’s busiest bike shops. Call him up when you have questions!

Everyday Bike: Customized 2016 Trek District (the “District Manager”)

  • Other bikes: Trek Madone 9.5, Trek Crockett, Specialized Langster Pro
  • Components: Alfine Di2
  • Wheels: C35 tubulars for race day… Anything tubeless otherwise
  • Favorite Ride or Race: Mid Hudson Valley; Dutchess County
  • Favorite Clothing: Strike+ Zima Long Sleeve Jersey (for fall rides)
  • Muffin or Pastry: Pop-Tart
  • Liquid: Bud Light
  • You can find me riding: Wherever I currently am

Wes Tillman

Director of Marketing & Advertising

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Wes joined Verge Sport in the fall of 2016 and has years of experience in custom cycling apparel. His pastimes includes racing for the Bicycle Habitat - Verge Sport (@bicyclehabitat_vergesport) road team and paying too much for overpriced cold press juices. 

Everyday Bike: Trek Emonda ALR

  • Other bikes: GT CX 1
  • Components: Sram > Shimano
  • Wheels: FFWD and Mavic
  • Favorite Ride or Race: Anything flat
  • Favorite Clothing: Carrera Strike+ Speedsuit by Verge Sport or Slim Dungarees by Outlier
  • Muffin or Pastry: Pizza
  • Liquid: GT’s Trilogy Kombucha / Juice Press Doctor Green Juice
  • You can find me riding: Slow

Roz Patterson

Director of Art

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Your kits wouldn't look nearly as awesome without Roz! Her skill and keen eye have added a new element to our design work and we're so glad she's a part of our crew. From working in bike shops to riding as a bike messenger in Boston and New York, Roz also graduated from Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Spring 2012, and combined her two passions of design and cycling together.

Everyday Bike: CAAD 12 Disc

  • Other bikes: Yes
  • Components: SRAM Force 11 Hydro
  • Wheels: Carbon
  • Favorite Ride or Race: River Road
  • Favorite Clothing: Strike+ Zima Long Sleeve Jersey by Verge Sport
  • Muffin or Pastry: Gluten Free Blueberry Muffin
  • Liquid: Coffee
  • You can find me riding: Prospect Park

Brain Magur


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Verge Brooklyn: 67 35th Street, Suite B502, Brooklyn, New York, 11232 USA


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