Verg Sport Delivery Time

Delivery Time

Verge Sport provides one of the fastest turnaround times in the industry.  Our custom garment production time varies throughout the year, but we strive to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. We understand the needs of race teams and retail customers, and will always work with you to best accommodate your scheduling needs. 


New Orders

We recommend that customers budget 5-6 weeks* to complete the entire custom production process, from reservation to garment shipment, with actual production normally requiring 3 weeks to complete. We recommend that custom orders are reserved as soon as possible as production space can fill quickly and delay manufacture.


The process involves:
  • Contact
  • Ordering
  • Deposit & Payment
  • Samples & Sizing Kits
  • Artwork & Approvals
  • Production
  • Shipping time

 *Quoted turnaround times are based on a production queue that can accommodate your requested ship date.  Please contact a customer support representative at your local dealer to inquire about current production availability.

Verge Sport can provide faster service on re-orders from the current year's collection with turnaround times of three weeks or less in may cases. As the artwork is on file and approved, this allows us to place designs straight into production.


  • 3 Weeks or less - Average turnaround times
  • Requires same artwork and approved digital proofs
  • Only available on current year's collection products


Verge Sport has varied methods of shipment that are influenced by the dealer region.

Methods include:
  • Client direct from our production facilities
  • Team/Club/Project/Shop direct
  • Team/Club/Project/Shop direct, sorted by client order
  • Verge Sport Dealer direct for pickup
  • Verge Sport Dealer direct, sorted by client order, for pickup
Expense and transit time* can vary greatly with order size and destination and below are examples:
  • 2-3 days - Europe
  • 5-8 days - Verge America
  • 7-9 days - Verge Australia
  • 7-9 Days - Verge Asia
*Customs & Duties clearance may effect delivery dates.
Please contact a customer support representative at your local dealer to inquire about freight options, methods and estiamte costs of shipments.
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8u30 -12 en 13-18u
8u30 -12 en 13-18u
8u30 -12 en 13-18u
8u30 -12 en 13-18u