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Why Verge


Lead times vary throughout the year, but our advanced production scheduling system allows us to plan production accurately. The date we promise you is the date your order will be ready as long as you meet your submission deadlines. Contact us today to find out when we can ship your custom Verge Sport clothing.

Preparing your custom order for production varies greatly from client to client, but generally, you can expect this to take between one and three weeks. We have some clients in which we have gotten through the entire process in under an hour, but that is not the norm. What’s most important to know is that you have as much time as you need and when you're ready to move we’ll do our best to keep pace with you.

Re-orders, which is an order of the identical artwork produced previously can be scheduled in production immediately which means we can normally produce them faster than a new order. If you have a re-order contact us and we will provide you a confirmed and guaranteed ship date for your approval.