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Why Verge


Our convenient and free Team Store is your private online shop for your custom Verge Sport clothing. Let us manage the details and ordering process for you, so your experience is hassle-free. Team members can easily and securely place orders through your store while you monitor the sales via your online account.

You securely access your store with a password, so only people you choose have access to purchasing your custom design. You define the sale price so if you want to raise money for a charity, turn a profit for your business or collect funds to subsidize a program, our team store has the tools to make that happen. You may choose to have us individually sort each team members order or even ship to them directly.

What sets our team store apart from the competition is our Always Open option with on-demand production. Once your initial store date closes, you may choose to keep your store open and have us produce clothing for your members on an as-needed basis.