Go Fast Long Sleeve Speedsuit

Fit details
Speedsuit Cut

Tætsiddende og designet til din krops konturer.

  • Nudo

    En pude specielt designet til mænd til lange/ultra-lange distancer og fremstillet af en 12 mm tæt italiensk skum med afrundede laserskårne kanter. Nul-friktion bio-keramisk stof, der er antibakterielt og komfortabelt.

  • FDP

    Men’s specific chamois designed for competition and seasoned cyclists. Soft and elastic 10 milimeter medium/high-density Italian foam is at the core while carving technology and an extremely lightweight top layer help the chamois outperform in nearly all weather conditions.

  • P-Endur

    En pude specielt designet til mænd til korte/mellemlange distancer og fremstillet af en 10 mm perforeret italiensk skum af standard tæthed med afrundede laserskårne kanter. Col-stoffet er et blødt og glat stof, der kan strækkes i 4 retninger.

  • Track

    En specifikt designet massiv pude, der giver den rette mængde støtte i en enkeltlagsbuks. Det bløde yderlag fungerer perfekt med forskellige typer pudecreme.

  • Lightning™ Fabric

    An airflow technology material with 4-way stretch designed to reduce aerodynamic drag.

  • Lot™ Fabric

    An opaque 4-way stretch material made from specially engineered fibers designed to deepen sublimated colors.

  • Performer Power Lycra™ Fabric

    A dependable and durable, flat surface 4-way stretch material made from a nylon - LYCRA blend.

Features + technologies
  • Minimal Tension Gripper

    A silicone elastane band for a comfortable, no-slip fit that can be custom printed.

  • Power Fit Technology

    A body-contouring fit designed to decrease aerodynamic drag.

  • Rear Zipper

    An access zipper placed in the rear of the garment.

  • Tagless Labeling

    A smooth surface, sublimated labels that will not irritate your skin.

  • Vibrant Unlimited Colors

    Industry-leading digital printing technology that guarantees consistent, vibrant colors that last.

Product options
Individual Personalization
  • Allow team members to add their name to the garment.

  • Upgrade from traditional stitching to a strong and comfortable flatlock seams.

Leg Gripper
  • Choose between Clutch+ 70, Hi Vis 70 or Mesh Tape 75 leg bands.

Storm Fixed™ Color
  • Choose between Black, Navy, Bright Blue, Italia Blue, Red or Grey.

Care instructions
  • VASK IKKE sammen med Velcro®
    • Vask efter hver brug
    • Rens al mudder og snavs af tøjet
    • Vend bukserne på vrangen eller anvend en vaskepose
    • Hvis du forvasker dine bukser, så anvend kun en mild sæbe og skyl grundigt
    • Anvend vaskemiddel uden parfume og skyllemiddel
    • Vask i koldt vand
    • Anvend et mildt program
    • Hæng til tørre
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As much as we would like to tell you that there is one perfect chamois for everyone, that just isn’t true. As individuals, we have different riding positions, enjoy various cycling disciplines and spend different amounts of time in the saddle. These factors along with many others help determine what chamois we should be riding. It’s crucial for your comfort to choose a chamois that matches your gender, and ultimately your anatomy. While all of our pads are multi-density and have 4-way stretch, the amount of padding, the density of the foam and the shape of the padding varies along with the material that touches your skin.
< NUDO for Men
NUDA for Women >

Nudo / Nuda

Designed for long/ultra-long distances and made from a 12 millimeter, high-density Italian foam with rounded laser-cut edges which ensure smooth transitions between different densities. The pad has been pre-shaped to match the anatomy of the riding position. Zero friction Bio-Ceramic fabric is antibacterial and comfortable.

Strado / Strada

Designed for long/ultra-long distances and made from a 10 millimeter, high-density Italian foam with rounded laser-cut edges which ensure smooth transitions between different densities. The pad’s shape was designed specifically for an aggressive riding position. Respiro fabric is a quick-dry material and extremely soft.

*Most competition clients prefer this model

Go Fast Speedsuit

Maximizing your aerodynamic benefits!

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