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Speed Euro Race Suit - Rear Zipper

Speed Euro Race Suit - Rear Zipper

Fit details
Speedsuit Cut

Tætsiddende og designet til din krops konturer.

  • Speed

    Pude specifikt til triatlon fremstillet af tyndt meget tæt italiensk skum med afrundede laserskårne kanter. Et tyndt lag perinæal beskyttelse giver tilstrækkelig støtte, uden at være anmassende under dit løb.

  • Stride

    Pude specifikt til triatlon, som tørrer hurtigt, er let og åndbart, med lige netop så meget fyld, at den giver støtte på cyklen, uden at være anmassende, når du ikke er på cyklen.

  • Flight Imprint™ Fabric

    A special use material that is elastic, opaque and has a good resilience to friction.

  • Lightning™ Fabric

    An airflow technology material with 4-way stretch designed to reduce aerodynamic drag.

  • Tavolara™ Fabric

    A 4-way stretch ribbed material made from LYCRA with slight compression properties.

Features + technologies
  • Active Seam by Merrow

    An extremely flat and soft stitch that is visually aesthetic, used for stretchable applications.

  • Full Print

    An allover printing method that allows you to customize your entire garment.

  • Power Fit Technology

    A body-contouring fit designed to decrease aerodynamic drag.

  • Rear Zipper

    An access zipper placed in the rear of the garment.

  • Tagless Labeling

    A smooth surface, sublimated labels that will not irritate your skin.

  • Vibrant Unlimited Colors

    Industry-leading digital printing technology that guarantees consistent, vibrant colors that last.

Product options
Individual Personalization
  • Allow team members to add their name to the garment.

Triathlon Leg Gripper
  • Choose between traditional Clutch+ or Mesh tape leg bands.

Care instructions
  • VASK IKKE sammen med Velcro®
    • Vask efter hver brug
    • Rens al mudder og snavs af tøjet
    • Vend bukserne på vrangen eller anvend en vaskepose
    • Hvis du forvasker dine bukser, så anvend kun en mild sæbe og skyl grundigt
    • Anvend vaskemiddel uden parfume og skyllemiddel
    • Vask i koldt vand
    • Anvend et mildt program
    • Hæng til tørre
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Not all triathlon events are the same, which is why you should choose a chamois based on your specific needs.  While some triathletes strive to complete an IRONMAN®, others are having a go in the age group competition at a local event.  Both of our pads are multi-density with 4-way stretch. However, the amount of padding, the density of the foam and the shape of the padding varies along with the material that touches your skin.



Designed to provide more support than the average Triathlon pad. We make this multi-sport chamois from thin, high-density Italian foam with rounded laser-cut edges. The back portion is larger than normal, and we use a specific, extremely dense foam for your sit bone. A thin perineal protection provides enough support while not being invasive during your run.



Designed for sprint and shorter events you have the protection you need but can easily forget you are wearing the chamois. This multi-sport pad is quick drying, light and breathable, which makes it ideal for hot and humid conditions. It has just enough protection to provide support on the bike without being intrusive off the bike.


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