Verge Sport Custom Cycling Go Fast Shoe Covers
Verge Sport Custom Cycling Go Fast Shoe Covers
Verge Sport Custom Cycling Go Fast Shoe Covers

Go Fast Shoe Covers

Go Fast Shoe Covers help with crucial aerodynamics using High Speed fabric with airflow technology and construction to match the Go Fast Speedsuit for an unparalleled aerodynamic advantage. A single piece of fabric minimizes seams, and a rear entry zipper further improves airflow.


One size fits most.


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Vibrant Unlimited Colors

Industry-leading digital printing technology guarantees consistent, vibrant colors that last.

Tagless Labeling

Sublimated labels leave a smooth surface and nothing to irritate your skin

Locking Zipper

Zipper pull locks in place to control ventilation without drifting open.

Traditional Stitching

Optional: Durable and proven four-needle overlock serge stitching.

Lightning™ Fabric

Four-way stretch airflow technology fabric was specifically designed with the single goal of reducing aerodynamic drag.

One Size Fits Most

Proper care of your Verge Sport garments is vital to the longevity of our products and their continued performance. Since many of our fabrics utilize performance enhancing treatments and finishes we strongly recommend you read and become familiar with the proper care methods HERE.
Caring for your Verge Sport garments is really quite simple and most of what we have to say is obvious. None-the-less we felt compelled to prepare a complete caution list which can be found HERE.
There’s nothing like riding on a hot sunny day but if you’re like us that means rain, mud or worse will not keep you indoors. When you find yourself using Verge Sport products in such conditions, you should read our special care instructions HERE.
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