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Verge Official Ambassador

verge official ambassador PROGRAM

Verge Official Ambassador is an international program that brings together cyclists from all around the world. It is a program for riders who ARE not only PASSIONATE ABOUT Verge Sport brand, but also want to develop social connections and make contact with other members worldwide.

This exclusive group of athletes consists of Olympic medalists, world champions, professional coaches, COMPETITIVE amateurs, INSPIRED NOVICES and LIFETIME cycling enthusiasts. With athletes at every POSSIBLE level, Verge Official Ambassadors create ELITE society that is accessible for everyone!


Premium Product

We chose the finest technical fabrics and trims to build high-end class of Ambassador kits. This prestigious line was designed for people who want to stand out from the crowd.

Modern Design

Verge Official Ambassador concept was created by top team of Italian fashion designers. The stylish artwork follows the latest sleek, vibrant, colorful and distinctive cycling trends.

Perfect Fit

Body contour patterns of Verge Official Ambassador products promote comfort associated with contemporary style and facilitate breathability to ensure flawless performance.

Starter Pack

Premium Ambassador Collection

Verge Official Ambassador member kit consists of short sleeve jersey and bib shorts which are versatile enough to feel at home both on the road as well as on the trail. We chose the best of our premium products that are not only impressively functional but also highly comfortable.



Verge Official Ambassador group is a global community of passionate cyclists. You can also join our growing international team and become one of us. At the beginning you will get your starter pack with an official kit. Additional profits are waiting and depend on your location. Please contact your local Verge Sport distributor for further details concerning the program.