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Features & Technologies

Industry-leading digital printing technology

guarantees consistent, vibrant colors that last.

Print across the entire short,

not just the side or rear panels.  

Sublimated labels leave a smooth surface

and nothing to irritate your skin 

Decreases aerodynamic drag utilizing

minimal stitching and a tight fitting,

comfortable cut.  

One-piece, circular knitted garments eliminate

seams and potential sources of

chafing and discomfort.  

 One-piece sleeve and garment upper eliminates

seams and decreases aerodynamic drag.

Elastic mesh ventilation panels

allows airflow while holding form.  

 Panels and seams are optimized

to conform to body movement.

Stretch fabric rear pocket with side panel stitching

hugs the body yet expands to hold

bottles and other cargo. 

Increases visibility using subtle glass bead

reflective piping without impacting design.  



Two garments in one full jacket

or sleeveless vest.  

 Edge-to-edge sewing for the softest

stitch and only true flat seam.

Durable and proven four-needle

overlock serge stitching.

Superior panel construction,

comfort, and art placement.  

Sublimated fabric hides zipper

for uninterrupted art.

 Sublimated fabric hides zipper for

ventilation control and uninterrupted art.

 Prevents zipper bunching or rippling for

speed suit aerodynamics.

Speedsuit zipper is comfortable,

aerodynamic, and easy to operate.  

 16 cm long standard zipper for traditional

look and ventilation control.

Opens from top or bottom for

ultimate ventilation control. 



 45 cm long concealed zipper

for ventilation control.

 16 cm long standard zipper for traditional

look and ventilation control.

Ventilation control without

impacting custom art. 

 Protects skin and layered clothing

from cold or irritating zipper ends. 

 Pull tights on easily and keep the

ankles secure when zipped.




Zipper pull locks in place to control

ventilation without drifting open.

Fourth pocket to securely hold keys,

ID 16 cm long standard zipper for traditional

look and ventilation control or small phone.

Placed under zipper to prevent

airflow and lock in body warmth.

 Sleeve-cuff designed to integrate with

winter gloves for maximum warmth. 

Direct printed silicone elastane band

for comfortable no-slip fit.




Comfortably fits a variety of torso sizes,

holding shorts in place.

Holds garment in place with

minimal tension and no pulling.

 Permanent UV and infrared sun ray protection

with a minimum UPF of 30 decreases

heat absorption in direct sunlight.

Soft direct print elastic gripper comfortably

holds arm, knee and leg warmers in place.

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