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Meet the Team - Verge America

David Sommerville

Director Verge America

Director of Technology Verge Global

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"Retired" in 2012 after 26th season, having pinned race number on over 1800 times, which is 5+ consecutive YEARS of daily racing! Cranked out more than 200,00 miles with fair share of victories, defeats, getting dropped, hundreds of flats, spills & mishaps, and spent thousands of hours on the bike. 

Everyday Bike: Fuji Transonic SL and Cyfac Spirit (my actual bike on this site)

  • Other bikes: 1992 custom Cherry Bomb, Breezer Belt Drive and a few other gems
  • Components: Shimano Ultegra 11 Speed with Stages Power
  • Wheels: HED Jet 60
  • Favorite Ride or Race: Qinqhai Lake Region, Tour of South China Seas or maybe Vuelta Zuella
  • Favorite Clothing: TOR+ woven bib shorts by Verge Sport
  • Muffin or Pastry: White bread with butter and honey
  • Liquid: Strong Coffee, cream no sugar
  • You can find me riding: In the Gutter

Wes Tillman

Director of Marketing & Advertising

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Wes joined Verge Sport in the fall of 2016 and has years of experience in custom cycling apparel. His pastimes includes racing for the Bicycle Habitat - Verge Sport (@bicyclehabitat_vergesport) road team and paying too much for overpriced cold press juices. 

Everyday Bike: Trek Emonda ALR

  • Other bikes: GT CX 1
  • Components: Sram > Shimano
  • Wheels: FFWD and Mavic
  • Favorite Ride or Race: Anything flat
  • Favorite Clothing: Carrera Strike+ Speedsuit by Verge Sport or Slim Dungarees by Outlier
  • Muffin or Pastry: Pizza
  • Liquid: GT’s Trilogy Kombucha / Juice Press Doctor Green Juice
  • You can find me riding: Slow

Brian Magur


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Verge Brooklyn: 67 35th Street, Suite B502, Brooklyn, New York, 11232 USA


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