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Manufacturing for nearly 2 decades, our production facilities are located in the European Union, in Jelania Gora and Łódź, Poland.


Outlined below are just some of the production steps required to produce and order, we like to cal it "It's all about the details."

Customer Service

Just as each Verge Sport Global dealer has Customer Service Specialists, there is a matching set at the production facility. These specialists, in each department, work directly with the dealer to obtain all the needed details of your specific order. From zipper colors, fabric selections, cut options and other specifics, rest assured we have you covered!

During the whole process of producing your order, it will follow through several departments:

  • Customer Service
  • Textiles
  • Artwork
  • Printing
  • Cutting
  • Sublimation
  • Sewing
  • Branding
  • Triming & Finishing
  • Quality Assurance
  • Packaging
  • Shipping


Great garments require great textiles, and fabric selection is something we take very seriously.

Every year we travel across Europe, the United States, and Asia meeting with suppliers and researching the latest fabric technology. Over the years we've seen countless technical fabrics and have amassed quite the in-house library of reference material to consider when creating new pieces, or when a customer has a specific technical need. Membrane fabrics for wind and water resistance, UV-blocking fabrics for hot climate racing, 4-way stretch textiles for freedom of movement, fabrics optimized for color saturation and podium finishes — every garment has a different set of requirements, and our library and long time supplier relationships allow us to spec or even develop the best fabric for the job.

Verge Sport founder Michael Magur and Gino Degeest of Verge Sport Belgium discuss new fabric samples from our library.


Verge Sport in-house art departent, known for outstanding international service, produces all the needed artwork for each client.


From mild to wild, we can work with you to achieve your desired goals if supplied a napkin drawing or fully prepared vector artwork.

Color Reproduction

Color reproduction is one part of the production process that is a mix of alchemy and technology, a segment that Verge Sport has invested to be sure that the kit you order today matches from jersey to shorts panels, and furthermore matches the jersey or jacket you order down the line. Every one of the dozens of fabrics we use to create the Verge Sport line reproduces color on a slightly different spectrum, with natural variations in ink lots introducing another element of variability. Without particular effort towards color matching across fabrics and inks it's a recipe for inconsistent team colors and branding — something our art department works tirelessly to avoid.


Color Calibration

As each fabric batch is introduced we create a physical color palette to be used as reference going forward, with inks calibrated to match our master color palette by spectrometer. With each new custom design to come through for production color output is checked against the physical palette for the specified fabric, and adjusted as needed to match at a precision beyond what the human eye can detect. While it is a time consuming step to continually produce color palettes and check each design by spectrometer, it allows Verge Sport to be the standard bearer in consistent colors across custom production orders. No matter the fabric used in each garment we will deliver matching pieces — jerseys, jackets, bibs, gloves, etc


One of our many large format printers will process your order with close overwatch during the process to ensure contiunued consistancy that is expected from Verge Sport.

Great attention is provided to follow the process during not only printing but review afterwards.


After the order has been printed, 2 technications review the order checking each printed piece to meet our exactign standards.


Early in the process, we begin to prepare all the fabrics required to process your order.


This painstaking and highly skilled process is handled by our dedicated cutting department staff using varied methods. This step, part of many, reinforce the true nature of our process of "hand made."


Once printing is complete, the magic of sublimation takes place on one of our several Italian Sublimation machines.


Great skil is required for this task, yet all members of production are trained on each and every step of production!


A normal production run will be handled in excess of 30 sewing technictions throught the process in one of 2 facilities.


These technications have on average of 7 years sewing expericene in our factory specifically making Verge Sport Premium Athletic Apparel.


During the sewing process, branding is prepared for the order to include details such as sew in collar labels, Verge Sport brand heat transfers, zippers and other details needed to complete your order.


Trimming is best done by hand with a watchful eye for details, and every Verge Sport garment receives a final human touch before shipping.

Quite literally "tying up loose ends," the trimming and QA station is our last chance to make sure each piece leaving the factory meets customer specs and our own quality standards. 

Quality Assurance

As batches of custom garments arrive they are first checked against art specs for a final, complete look to verify that panels are aligned, and that customer specs such as zipper style and color are in place. Garments are then checked against a size chart, ensuring that panel sizes and seam overlap is within tolerances and making sure that this year's team kit fits the same as last. Each and every jersey, bib short or other custom piece goes through an extensive check where loose threads are cut to length, trim pieces are finished, and tags applied. Multiple experienced garment makers from the production team looking at and handling every complete custom garment before shipping gives Verge Sport the human advantage — it's not just a packing department, they're not just representative samples, it's every garment every time and it's what makes our production stand out from the crowd. 


Care is taken to package the orders, labels are created in multi-languages and the items are sorted to prepare for the selected shipping method.


The shipping department has several methods, depending on Global Dealer specifications, for shipping options and methods.


We can bulk ship to the dealer or client both sorted and unsorted. In some countries, we can ship directly to the end user client directly from production!

It's all about the details.

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