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Danish biggest MTB Team DMK is using Verge clothing

Verge Denmark is proud to announce that since April 2015, Company Sport / Vergesport Denmark delivered bike clothes to DMK (Dansk Mountainbike Klub) (www.mtb.dk).
DMK was founded June 9, 1989, and was Denmark's first mountain bike club. The club has today around 500 members.


Company Sport has provided a webshop to DMK's members for buying bike clothes on-going. The webshop means that the club no longer need to manage bike clothes inventory or money between club members. This is done directly between the Company Sports and members.


Furthermore, Verge Denmark is also sponsoring for DMK.


Being a supplier and partner for DMK, is both fun and educational. We are always thinking about, developing our cooperation and have already made a joint event, 1 team to Stamina12.  3 riders for DMK H40 elite and Company Sports paid for registration to stamina12 (12 hour MTB race). The team won a 3th place out of 73 teams in the trio H40 class. The riders were dress in Verge demo clothes.


DMK is very visible in the MTB forums in Denmark. Therefore, it is important that we together listen to each other and grows together.


We will make later in 2015 a photo session with DMK riders, both Men Elite and with someone from their large children's division.


Company Sports is constantly trying to develop services together with its customers.

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