Hot Tubes 2016 Team - Verge America

Hot Tubes 2016 Team - Verge America

We are excited to announce the Hot Tubes 2016 team.

Verge Sport has been a long term sponsor of this program and we are looking forward to the upcoming season!

Returning from last year’s team are

  • Gage Hecht (18) hails from suburban Denver, Colorado and returns as one of the most feared athletes on the circuit. Last season Gage won both the criterium and cyclo-cross national championships. He also finished second in the national championship road race to his teammate Jonny Brown and was third in the time trial.
  • Liam Holowesko (16) is from the Bahamas, but attends school at Deerfield Academy in Massachusetts. Liam's strength is the time trial where he is the current Bahamas elite national champion and was third in the US championships last year.
  • Matteo Jorgenson (17) is from Boise, Idaho and joined the team last year after the national championships.  Matteo is looking to build on his stage win last season at the Tour of Ireland on the queen stage. He is a strong overall rider with great time trialing and climbing skills.

We welcome seven new members to the team this season:

  • Logan Zueger (18) is from the upper peninsula of Michigan where he is an outstanding student, cross-country runner and Nordic skier. Logan is a strong time trial rider and field sprinter and is looking to be a big part of our team time trial squad.
  • Noah Putt (18) lives in Park City, Utah. His two older brothers, Chris and Tanner, are both professional cyclists. Noah is a strong overall rider with exceptional climbing abilities.
  • Evan Clouse (17) is also from Park City, Utah where he is an excellent student. Evan is an outstanding cyclo-cross rider and road racer who is equally strong riding off the front of a group or field sprinting.
  • Simon Jones (17) is from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and comes to us from the Hincapie junior team where he won two stages of the international Tour of Rimouski and several podium placements in Belgium.
  • Kenny Boots (16) is from Denver Colorado. Kenny is a strong time trial rider and climber and is looking to be part of the team time trial squad for the new national championships this year in April.
  • Gaelen Kilburn (16) is from Burlington, Vermont and is fairly new to competitive road cycling, but has shown tremendous potential in the few road events he's done including a couple of wins. Gaelen also won the Windham world cup for XC mountain biking in the U19 category as a 15 year old. He is also an outstanding cyclo-cross racer finishing second at the 2016 national championships.
  • Alex McCormack (16) is from Leicester, Massachusetts and brother of two former Hot Tubers riders, Cameron and Brendan.  Alex is a strong overall rider with excellent potential as sprinter.

We look forward to a great racing season in 2016 and we will be keeping you in the loop via email, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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