Exclusive Track Jersey Short Sleeve
Verge Sport Custom Cycling Men’s Exclusive Track Jersey Short Sleeve Front
Verge Sport Custom Cycling Men’s Exclusive Track Jersey Short Sleeve Back

Exclusive Track Jersey

Designed around the highly breathable Stretch Lite™ Fabric our Exclusive men’s Track Jersey is aerodynamic enough to give you the advantage you are looking for while being comfortable enough to use during a 6 Day.  A short 16 centimeter zipper is utilized while all unnecessary features from a road jersey have been removed, including rear pockets.   


Available with traditional or flatlock stitching.


Available in One Size Fits Most for Men's and Kids.


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Vibrant Unlimited Colors

Industry-leading digital printing technology guarantees consistent, vibrant colors that last.

Tagless Labeling

Sublimated labels leave a smooth surface and nothing to irritate your skin

Traditional Zipper

Optional:16 cm long standard zipper for traditional look and ventilation control.

Traditional Stitching

Optional: Durable and proven four-needle overlock serge stitching.

Stretch Lite™ Fabric

Micro-polyester and Invista LYCRA blended fabric is soft to the touch and wicks away moisture with incredible stretch.

No SPF rating

Aero Cut:       Designed to be skin tight for a body contouring fit.

One Size Fits Most

Quantity1-24Discounts start at 25 combined pieces
Price$75Contact Us

All Inclusive Pricing with No Hidden Charges

With Verge Sport pricing includes design time, art set-up, and our proprietary Digital Flat Panel proofs. There are no hidden production fees or screen charges — the per piece price is the final garment cost.


  • Flatlock Stitching +$10


1(MOQ5)x25 Minimums for Sublimated Garments

  • 1 each of any sublimated garment
  • 5 total pieces
  • 25 Discounts start at 25 total pieces
Proper care of your Verge Sport garments is vital to the longevity of our products and their continued performance. Since many of our fabrics utilize performance enhancing treatments and finishes we strongly recommend you read and become familiar with the proper care methods HERE.
Caring for your Verge Sport garments is really quite simple and most of what we have to say is obvious. None-the-less we felt compelled to prepare a complete caution list which can be found HERE.
There’s nothing like riding on a hot sunny day but if you’re like us that means rain, mud or worse will not keep you indoors. When you find yourself using Verge Sport products in such conditions, you should read our special care instructions HERE.
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