Continually Improving Our Impact

At Verge, we recognize the tension between our environmental duty and our mission to create exceptional cycling apparel globally.

We understand our obligation to promote sustainability in our sport. There is a long journey ahead as we balance impacts with the technical gear we provide.

We aim to become an industry leader in sustainable practices through transparency. We are defining key priorities as an organization and holding ourselves accountable to ambitious goals.

We document our progress, achievements, and challenges openly. This visibility keeps us on track fulfilling our commitment to responsible operations and partner choices.

We must take responsibility for all decisions – from materials selection to events to office functions. The linear path of taking resources, making products, then discarding is unsustainable long-term.

While reimagining global systems happens gradually, we pursue steady impact reduction and as we own and operate our own production, have complete control and visibility of our impact.

Quantifying our economic, social and environmental influence will guide better choices out of many complex options. There are no shortcuts, but the next pedal stroke awaits.